About the Band

Frontman, guitarist and lead vocalist Mike Davis is a truly amazing talent who leaves audiences agog and demanding more. Who else in our area can sing Elvis, Marley, Yoakam, Gaye and Withers hits all in a row and so well? And, on his Gretsch and Variax axes, Mike is without peer in terms of creative and catchy licks.

Keyboardist Mick Voiland stands alone in the area's band community in not only giving that Hammond organ sound and "fill," but also by securing a deep bottom via left-hand bass lines played on a second keyboard. Close your eyes and you hear a quartet; open them and you see a trio and wonder just how Mick does it.

Percussionist Will Beaty is one of the most well known and experienced drummers in the Triangle area. Former Skeeter Brandon band leader and more recently manager and drummer of the renown Hot Damn! Blues Band, Will has toured the world (but mostly his home state of North Carolina) for over 20 years playing country, blues, and rock.


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